History of AbuLahab Temple No. 206

When did it start? For 87 years there was only one Prince Hall Temple in the Desert of Maryland – that being Jerusalem Temple #4.  Under Jerusalem Temple #4, there were (5) Shrine Clubs of which one was the Eastern Shore Shrine Club. From the Eastern Shore Shrine Club, Abu Lahab Temple #206 was born.  Abu Lahab Temple #206 was constituted as a temple under dispensation on July 26, 1980 at 3:14 pm eastern daylight savings time. It was organized by the Imperial Council of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Inc on August 3, 1980 and was chartered August 19, 1981.

The name Abu Lahab according to the Koran means “Father of Fire” while in other literature it means “Father of Flames”.   Abu Lahab was son of Mohammed’s uncle, and the number 206 was given by the Imperial Council. The “Eastern Shore Shrine Club” was the first of the five Shrine Clubs in the Desert of Maryland to become a temple. Eastern Shore Shrine Club members Albert N. Blackwell, John D. Handy, Randolph J. Barnes and Franklin W. Jones formed a committee to organize Abu Lahab Temple #206.  Albert N. Blackwell was the Chairman and John D. Handy was the Co Chairman.

The first officers of Abu Lahab Temple #206 were appointed by the members of the Eastern Shore Shrine Club.

Illustrious Potentate - Russell P. Stewart
Chief Rabban - Blakely E. Pinckens
Assistant Rabban - David Waters
High Priest and Prophet - Raymond Spence
Recorder- Raymond Gattis

Treasurer - Harrison White

The charter members of Abu Lahab Temple #206 included the appointed officers in addition to: Andrew Allen, Fred Cornish, Rhuel Goslee, Robert Horsey, James Jolley Paul E. Moore, Tindley Pinder, Edward Skinner, Arthur Sturgis, Issac White and Robert Williams.